How to reinvent My Space into something innovative and new? I flipped the concept of My Space upside down, rather than embracing your own personal corner of the internet like it was originally intended, My Space is now about embracing the real.
Essentially based around a small private event planning app, My Space’s aim is to alter how people use social media. Moving away from using it as an escape, My Space wants to reinvent it as a tool to aid real social interactions.

Rather than being a personal page, your Space is now a collaborative public or private space shared with friends to share photos and arrange events. 
The structure of the Spaces were designed to be more organic, being released from the constraints of a 9x9 grid. Shown here are some of the simple features on the Spaces page, you can navigate to your Profile and the Explore page with the bottom sliding bar, ensuring ease of use.
To the right shows the explore page section. Based on your geographic location My Space suggests local spaces from businesses or public spaces wanting to promote events. Once you look and decide if you want to join, this page will be added to your spaces and you will be a member of the space.

The concept of My Space is centred around forgetting your digital life and embracing the real so the brand campaign made sense to be photography lead. 
Each photo starts highly pixelated representing current social media, then becoming more visible, representing the transition to real life social interaction. Each poster has an individual generated pattern which then informs the dynamic logo.

The posters are designed to be presented in any combination, giving the brand away pixel by pixel.

The red and blue palette combined with the multiple versions of the posters in different stages makes the brand easy to recognise in any combination. The vivid blue and red would stand out in a sea of advertising and capture peoples imagination and excitement from the kinetic playful imagery.

My Space is about escaping the virtual wormhole and embracing the real world by easily arranging social events with your mates. The word ‘Space’ is now redefined to reference both the physical space which events will be held at and the emotional Space which you and your friends are involved in.

The pixelated visual language is very versatile, so for the campaign I would apply the same effect to ‘Instagram spots’ in big cities. Covering up parts of buildings and cultural spots with pixels would further enforce the divide between real and virtual and definitely catch peoples attention.

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