Problem: How to communicate someone’s story in an insightful way. Collect primary research around a person or group of people to show that their life experiences are invaluable and could never be taught.
I created a publication based around four convenience shop owners in Nottingham to shine a light on their side of the counter. Through their interviews they explained their future dreams, the unknown secrets of corner shops and exposed the hardships of owning an independent business in today’s modern society.

The editorial is broken up into four interviews from four convenience stores. Through the pages there are tear out posters, photography spreads, full page quotes and more.
The publication is intended to be a celebration of the corner shop owner. Whilst researching, I found lots of instances of the corner shop being embedded in pop culture but never celebrated. Through the pages I wanted the reader to feel immersed, as if they were in their local corner shop.
I used 35mm film to capture the photos for a stripped back aesthetic, making the shops look natural. The corner shop is also part of British culture so it was appropriated to use traditional technology.
There is experimental typography throughout from mirroring drinks label fonts to replicating the hand written prices for pull quotes. The publication needed to have a perfect disorder to mirror a corner shop.

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