The brief: to create the world's first online design festival called Undivided. Design a branding toolkit, the home page of the festival and a minute-long animated reel.
The concept of Undivided was a 'world collage' of people being united through their shared passion for creative arts. Earth and the people on this planet offer so much diversity so I thought one singular visual aspect would not do it justice. I conceptualised the world as a collage of singular people and cultures coming together to form a collage of design.
The concept of the festival was to give everyone a fair chance to have a platform to share. Whether they wanted to put on a talk, workshop or interactive game, it was entirely up to them. The bigger accounts and studios in the festival got the same amount of coverage as the smallest accounts in the most remote parts of the world. Everyone was equal and undivided.
The festival is designed around features with random algorithms giving everyone a chance to share their piece of the globe. It's playful, simple and clear. Below is the animation reel for the festival. I wanted to keep the collage theme and produce the animation with a stop-motion collage method.

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