The brief: design a brand which reflects morality and includes volunteering and create all of the branding for it. The outcome: Experiences+ is a non-profit charity which collaborates with a different brand each year so they are able to give disadvantaged people experiences to inspire and enrich their lives. 
In 2022 Experiences+ collaborates with Salomon the hiking brand to give disadvantaged teens from London who have never escaped the city a chance to experience nature in a three day long hike across the Peak District.
I designed the visual toolkit for the brand then applied that to three touchpoints reaching the three audiences personas the brand is required to hit; the teenagers going on the hike, the parents of the teens and the keen hikers wanting to volunteer for the trip. 
Watch the presentation above going through the brands aim, personas, visual language and touchpoints. I wanted the visual language to totally reflects the brands values and themes; adventure, nature and playfulness. Click on any images below to view full screen!

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